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Our History

Miltech Machine Corporation is a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine shop, specializing in manufacturing parts for aerospace, medical device, sporting goods, environmental, and other advancing industrial markets. It was founded in 1997 by John Milnes and began operation at 911 N. Second, the current location of Lawson Autobody and Customs, LLC.


John Milnes, owner of Miltech Machine (1997)

The company also purchased Microline Products from Belden Manufacturing and began manufacturing the Microline Product line, which produces Foundation Anchoring and Support systems for large reciprocating engines, which are used primarily in power plants and natural gas production and transmission.

In 1998 the company purchased and moved into the old City Motors building at the corner of Norton and Main Streets. The business grew steadily over the next few years and in November of 2003, due to expanding production and the need for more equipment and employees, moved its operations to a new are larger facility on West Washington Road, it’s current location.

Miltech Machine Corporation currently employs about 20. John attributes their success in maintaining a competitive edge in the precision machining industry by offering the highest quality products and always striving to exceed customer expectations. Their customers are located throughout the U.S.; their largest customers are in the Aerospace field. They also do what they can to help local farmers when they have a breakdown or need a specific part made.

Owner John Milnes was born and raised in Denver. He managed a couple of #1 Auto Parts stores in the Denver area before moving to Norton County. In 1983 while on a pheasant hunting trip in the area he bought a house in Norcatur and moved his family the following year. John worked as a mechanic for Rowh Motors before starting at Natoma Corporation in 1985. John, and his wife Elaine, bought the old Calvert Schoolhouse in 1986 and have lived there ever since, raising daughters Amber and Jennifer. Amber works at First State Bank and is married to Herbie Johnson. Jennifer lives in Manhattan and works at Ft. Riley.

John says, “Norton is a great location for Miltech Machine Corporation. We’re here to stay, providing jobs and contributing to the local economy.”

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